Something From Nothing -- And a Discovery

The other day I wanted to sew in a therapeutic restful way. No worries about perfection. Just sew and listen to the rhythm of the machine and enjoy the vision of stitches adding up across the fabric. I remembered a placemat-size leaf I had pieced together with scraps of green fabrics and a bit of brown for the leaf’s spine. I pulled it out of the drawer, laid it on top of a piece of batting, and put a piece of muslin underneath for backing. I could skip the basting because the piece was so small. I found a variegated green quilting thread and began.

I stitched along the spine of the leaf. Looked great, but it needed more, so I did it a few more times. Now for the veins. Because the piecing lines are straight diagonal lines radiating from the center, I wanted to quilt curved lines. So I did a few lines in intervals down one side and then on the other. I thought it would look better with even more lines, but what if I did all that stitching and didn’t like it?

Then I remembered I was working with scraps. I should just keep going and see what happened. I’d learn something. It’s called creating! It’s called freedom!

Now, every time I look at my leaf on the end table in the living room, I smile. I designed it myself. I didn’t go out and buy fabric or a pattern. No wonder I love it!

PS: This was the first time I tried bias binding, and wow! It worked great for those curves.


  1. Here it is May and I had the thought to look at your blog. The leaf is beautiful. I know you have moved and would love to hear more from you. Lynette

  2. Just now discovered your comment. Thanks! I check out your blog every once in a while. I would like to post more often on mine, but haven't developed the habit yet. "Blog post" has been on my To Do list for months! I am in SD now. Things are going well. They are finally digging for our house after too much rain and too few workers. Please write via regular email address and tell me what you are doing now.