Leftover Soup

Doesn’t sound that good, but I just enjoyed yet another version. I call it dinner in a bowl. Satisfaction. This time it was beef barley soup from a can, into which I stirred half a roasted sweet potato, half a roasted white potato, half a cup of frozen corn, three cooked Brussels’ sprouts, and 1 ½ fried beef burger patties left from dinner last night. If you start with a good canned soup, you’re good to go. Pour it into a soup pan or casserole dish to heat in the microwave. Brighten it by stirring in your leftovers. Not much is wasted at my house. I add crumbled pan-fried salmon to clam chowder, cubed roast beef or pork to vegetable soup, or shredded chicken breast to chicken noodle soup. I’ve noticed that I often roast meat and cook extra vegetables in anticipation of Leftover Soup. I think it’s time to rename it Planover Soup!

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  1. I love having a pot of soup waiting for those hungry last minute times. The great thing about adding to a can is it is an original recipe everytime.