Books vs Books

Yesterday I went to the library. That never used to be news. I have always loved my library and gone there regularly to bring home stacks of books, magazines and movies. However, I realized the other day that I have not been to the library, or my favorite used bookstore for that matter, since December of last year.

Because I got a Kindle e-reader for Christmas. I love it, especially for traveling. It is so nice to be able to tote along a library of books in such a small space (smaller than a tablet computer, bigger than a cell phone). It even has games to play when the drive or flight gets tedious.

But this is not about the virtues of the latest techno-gadget. I just wanted to share how much pleasure I got yesterday from bringing home a stack of real books again. I have been leafing through their pages ever since.

I do not think that e-readers will replace books any more than movies on DVD replaced movie theaters.

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